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Do as I say.

Originally published: November 14, 2018

Today I was compiling some photos of work completed by attendees/participants at a conference presentation I made a few week ago. It was an environmental education conference and I suspect that most of the people attending and participating in the workshop held similar ideas and beliefs about sustainability and ways to be environmentally aware and sensitive in lifestyle choices.

The first activity that we participated in required everyone to write down the ways they thought that they practised sustainability actions in their everyday lives. The second was that they were to represent what the world would be like if everyone lived in the same way. I then asked everyone to put their A5 pieces of paper on a table out the front. We continued with two other activities however I realised I had not accounted for so many participants and we ran out of paper. Even though the original pieces that were 'handed in' from the first two activities were only a quarter used, they remained out the front without a consideration.

I reflected on the story shared by my friend about not going to the toilet when she needed to because of what the teacher had said and realised how easy it is to disregard what we feel to do based on what someone in a position of authority or power has told us to do. It made me (even more) aware of the importance of clear communication and being open and approachable.

#teacher #rules #bodyasnature

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