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Originally published: December 9, 2018

My morning shower is sacred. I take a moment to stop and appreciate my skin.

This morning I recalled a moment from my teenage self where a friend was asking me about tattoos. Even though I was quite swayed by peers and often went with the crowd, I recall quite vividly how much I spoke with authority about the beauty of my skin and I appreciated being able to remove jewellery but I could not remove a tattoo. I did not think any design or anything that could be tattooed into my skin could match or improve the beauty of what it was. On reflection I observe how even in this 'young'(er) version of myself, I was already aware of and appreciative of the gifts that nature offers: my body-as-nature. How can human improve on nature or think to better it, considering all the damage that has been done to nature thus far? I am not espousing complete ecocentrism here, but I contend that nature offers something unique that cannot be recreated. On a metaphysical level I find this even more fascinating given what I was reading today about the true quantum theory model of the electron in the atom.

#tattoos #skin #appreciation #nature

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