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The dog, the kookaburra, the stick, the ankle.

November 27, 2018

Today on my morning walk, I went past the house at the end of the cul-de-sac before descending down into the forest gully when a small yapping dog came after me. I heard the owner calling the dog back with little success. Usually, I would say hello to the dog and reassure it that I was not a threat and make friends with the dog. On this morning I did not feel to do so. I could use the reasoning of time, but before that thought even entered my mind, my body had kept moving on the walk. By following my body, I was met with the flight of a kookaburra which I registered as a confirmation of my forward motion. However, in this moment of thinking about how happy I was to have witnessed the kookaburra's flight, I stepped on a stick that broke in half and hit me solidly in my ankle. A gentle reminder from nature to keep feeling the body and not get 'caught up' in distractions. The messages of nature are so clear when we attune to nature's language. Communication at every turn.

#naturecommunication #kookaburra

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