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That Last Girl

Murad narrates her escape of ISIS-held territory in Part III of the book. After wandering Mosul for almost two hours, she approached a family for help. An escape was arranged, and, using fake identities, Murad escaped with the younger son, who the family worried would join ISIS. They successfully entered Iraqi Kurdistan, but kept their fake identities so that Murad's status as a former slave would not be politically exploited. After being unable to leave Sulaymaniyah, Murad decided to tell her story to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The PUK leaked the interview, and the family who helped Murad was compromised in Mosul. Murad reunited with some of her family's members, and was waiting to learn about the rest. Her mother had been killed in Solagh, and Nadia's niece Kathrine, who had previously been turned in six times when she tried to escape, was killed in an explosive device blast which also injured Lamiya Aji Bashar. Six of Murad's brothers had been killed, and a nephew of hers had become an ISIS soldier.

That Last Girl

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Writing for The Washington Post, Alia Malek stated that Murad "writes with understandable anger but also with love, flashes of humor and dignity".[5] Ian Birrell wrote for The Times that Jenna Krajeski, the American journalist who co-authored the book, "captures Murad's tremulous voice well".[6]

Anna Della Subin of The New York Times praised the book as a primer on Yazidi religious beliefs.[7] Ashutosh Bhardwaj wrote for the Indian newspaper The Financial Express that Murad's book "vividly details the customs and life of Yazidism" and that she "cites instances how the Yazidi stories were misinterpreted by the Sunnis who termed them 'devil worshippers'".[8]

Critics focused on the fact that the Iraq conflict was still ongoing at the moment the book was published. Subin wrote that the book is "difficult to process", that it contains "open wounds and painful lessons", and that it can be "co-opted for any number of political agendas". Subin also wrote that "it places Murad's tragedy in the larger narrative of Iraqi history and American intervention". According to Subin, the book is "intricate in historical context" to avoid being manipulated by sensationalism and Islamophobia.[7] Malek had "[no] doubt [that] controlling her story was part of [Murad's] motivation to tell it in this book". However, Malek opined that Murad harshly criticized Sunni Arabs for not standing up to ISIS and classified others as exceptions to the rule.[5]

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The NGO Apne Aap works to end sex trafficking inspired by the twin Gandhian principle of Ahimsa and Antodaya in India and the US. It has helped thousands of girls and women access education, dignified livelihoods, and legal protection, especially among de-notified tribes trapped in inter-generational prostitution.

Ah, I almost requested this being a fan of dystopian but something held me back. The conceot is promising but the issues you mentioned in regards to lack of full clarification and why the harsh treatment of the girls, has me thinking this will not be my cup of tea. Appreciate the insight! Fabulous review ??

Thanks Danielle ? It was a shame this one came up short, but since dystopian has been so hot for the past 10 years, you really need to knock my socks off at this point. Ugh the girl hate is a HUGE issue for me. Thankfully we are seeing less and less, and more and more of positive female relationships!

Former US Marine Jess Winslow reenters civilian life a new widow, with little more to her name than a falling-down house, a medical discharge for PTSD, and a loyal dog named Lucy. The only thing she actually cares about is that dog, a pit bull mix who helps her cope with the devastating memories of her time in Afghanistan. After 15 years - nearly half his life - in state prison, Mason Burke owns one set of clothes, a wallet, and a photo of Lucy, the service dog he trained while behind bars. Seeking a fresh start, he sets out for Deception Cove, Washington, where the dog now lives.

Zoey and some of the surviving young women are housed in a scientific research compound dedicated to determining the cause. For two decades, she's been isolated from her family, treated as a test subject, and locked away - told only that the virus has wiped out the rest of the world's population.

Captivity is the only life Zoey has ever known, and escaping her heavily armed captors is no easy task, but she's determined to leave before she is subjected to the next round of tests...a program that no other woman has ever returned from. Even if she's successful, Zoey has no idea what she'll encounter in the strange new world beyond the facility's walls. Winning her freedom will take brutality she never imagined she possessed, as well as all her strength and cunning - but Zoey is ready for war.

As a farm girl in rural Iraq, Nadia could not have imagined she would one day address the United Nations or be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She had never been to Baghdad, or even seen an airplane. As a slave, she was told by her captors that Yazidis would be erased from the face of the earth, and there were times when she believed them.

This is a must-read for anyone who has ever needed accommodations or has used a subway escalator, ramp, or subtitles. Heumann is an often bitingly funny advocate for the rights of the disabled (including firmly putting The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in his place during a 2020 interview). Along with other disabled people, Heumann helped shape and lead a movement that has transformed life for millions of disabled people around the world. That includes many who become disabled either temporarily or permanently because of age or accident. Along with this book, watched the Oscar-nominated Crip Camp, which features a young Judy Heumann at the beginning of her human rights journey.Explore this bookBeing HeumannByJudith Heumann, Kristen Joiner,

We want to send out a message of awareness that women, who constitute half of the population in most communities, actually are used as a weapon of war, and that they need protection and that the perpetrators have to be prosecuted and held responsible for their actions.

The women and girls were forced into buses. Ms. Murad was taken to a slave market, where she was sold to an ISIS judge. He repeatedly raped her, beating her if she tried to close her eyes during the assault. When she tried to jump out a window, she recounted, he ordered her to undress and left her with his bodyguards, who raped her one by one. She eventually escaped.

The book is based on your popular class Life Worth Living at Yale. What do you want readers to take away from the book? Five things stand out to us: We want readers to have a deep conviction that the question of what makes life most worth living matters and confidence that they have

Part of what makes Unger such a terrific storyteller is her ability to put characters in danger physically, emotionally, and psychologically. She is also adept at playing with time and character points of view in ways that build suspense.

Despite the (rather many) flaws and missing elements in this novel, the fact that the solution to the main mystery does not depend much on the work done by Maeve and Derwent, and its excessive 500-page length, it is an enjoyable read because the author can write well. The sketches of the people interviewed reveal interesting dilemmas about legalities, crime and justice, as well as questions about human nature. It is hard to escape the sense that the book has been written with an eye to a film version, though, as it is far stronger on description and events than it is on motivation and sustained characterisation.

Screen Rant's Xavier LeBlanc is a film and TV news writer who is seasoned in the areas of media journalism, broadcast television, and film production. You may have seen his name listed in the credits of the Keanu Reeves film, Bill & Ted Face the Music. LeBlanc is also the director of animated official music videos for legendary artist Bob Marley, and Grammy nominated artist Skip Marley. He has covered exclusives with Screen Rant that include film set visits, interviews and more. He enjoys everything from Toshiro Mifune samurai adventures to classic B-horror movies, to 90s animated Marvel TV shows. To his friends, he is known as a pop culture and entertainment encyclopedia who lives in the gym and never cuts his hair.

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