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In our MS group, we analyzed the potential association between IL27 T4730C polymorphism, age and laboratory. Parameters. We found no significant influence of IL27 T4730C genotype on the age at onset of the disease in the dominant or in the recessive model.

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Si et al. examined the role of IL27 polymorphisms, including the T4730C polymorphism, in pediatric patients with Kawasaki disease, suggesting that the serum level of IL27 may not be directly associated with its polymorphisms, despite an elevated serum IL27 level in patients compared to controls (19). Vargas-Alarcón et al. (38) and Pang et al. (39) investigated this polymorphism in diseases other than autoimmune ones, in insulin resistance and in patients presenting HIV infection. Both studies found a reduced serum level of IL27 in patients with the variant compared to healthy individuals but no association was found between the genetic polymorphism, the expression of cytokines and these diseases.

Despite revealing for the first time that T4730C gene polymorphism in IL27 is clearly related to the susceptibility to developing MS, our study has some limitations. One of the main limitations is the sample size, which may not be large enough to draw a definite conclusion about the relationship between this gene polymorphism and MS susceptibility. The second limitation is that one single gene polymorphism was tested among patients with MS and healthy individuals. The third limitation is related to the impossibility of evaluating the effect of T4730C polymorphism on treatment response because all the patients included in our study were evaluated prior to therapy initiation. In our study we did not take into account other known susceptibility loci for MS, as confounding factors. Other limitations of our study are the low analytical sensitivity in the determination of serum IL27 and lack of the evaluation of IL27 in cerebrospinal fluid. A larger cohort of patients is required in order to draw a more precise conclusion and extending the evaluation to other ethnic groups could be further explored. 041b061a72


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