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ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5: A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Photo Editor

Are you looking for a photo editing software that can help you enhance your photos, apply filters and effects, and perform other advanced tasks? If so, you might want to check out ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5, a fully-featured photo editing app that is compatible with Windows and Macintosh platforms.

What is ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5?

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 is a photo editing software developed by ArcSoft, a company that specializes in multimedia technologies and applications. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 was released in 2004 and has been praised for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and affordable price. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 supports RAW format and large image files for importing and editing, and can extract an object easily from its background with Magic-Cut. It also provides advanced photo editing tools, filters, and special effects that can help you create stunning photos in a few clicks.


What are the features of ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5?

Some of the features of ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 are:

  • Photo Enhancement: You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color, saturation, hue, and tone of your photos, as well as crop, rotate, resize, and flip them. You can also use the Auto Enhance feature to optimize your photos automatically.

  • Photo Retouching: You can remove red-eye, blemishes, scratches, dust, and other imperfections from your photos with the Clone, Heal, and Spot Remover tools. You can also use the Face Beautify feature to smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove wrinkles, and enhance eyes.

  • Photo Effects: You can apply various artistic effects to your photos, such as oil painting, watercolor, sketch, mosaic, emboss, and more. You can also use the Filter Gallery to browse and apply over 40 filters to your photos.

  • Photo Editing: You can perform advanced photo editing tasks with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5, such as layer management, selection tools, text tools, shape tools, gradient tools, and more. You can also use the Magic-Cut feature to cut out an object from its background and paste it onto another image.

  • Photo Printing: You can print your photos with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 in various sizes and layouts. You can also use the Print Preview feature to check how your photos will look before printing them.

How to download ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5?

If you want to download ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 for Windows or Macintosh, you can visit the official website of ArcSoft or the Internet Archive where you can find the installer files for both platforms. You can also download ArcSoft PhotoStudio from other online sources such as Softonic, but make sure they are safe and reliable.


ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 is a powerful and easy-to-use photo editing software that can help you improve and refine your photos in a couple of clicks. It offers a wide range of features that can suit both beginners and professionals alike. If you are looking for a photo editing software that is affordable, versatile, and fun to use, you might want to give ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 a try.


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